• My Local Offers is an online marketing platform that presents new offers any business has to its’ local audience daily, using social media.
  • It delivers the best of the local high street and local businesses to consumers and presents them via social media. It gives real offers, reviews with an actual sales page, giving information about your company along with links to your website, social media pages, contact details and a map of how to find you.
  • Representing the food & drink, beauty, motor, leisure, business services plus many more sectors, delivering the best your local area has to offer.
  • My Local Offers is a trusted supplier to both merchants & consumers helping build local commerce and community spirit through your quality offers.
  • It is the destination platform for people in, and visiting your local area driving profitable revenue for local businesses.
  • We truly believe in the quality of local businesses across the country.


We’re big fans of saying hello in person, so we can come and meet you for a coffee or we can telephone you to talk through the simple process of being registered with the My Local Offers directory.


  • Plan your offer and campaign structure.
  • Agree which plan you want... Options for: monthly, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months.
  • You supply photos and text for your sales page.
  • Preview advert and page with you for sign off.
  • GO LIVE!
  • Every new sign-up, gets a free feature on our Facebook page.
  • We create paid ads on social media to target everyone in your local area.
  • We also promote niche industries throughout the year via ads.
  • Customers see your advert on social media.
  • Customers use their voucher code within specified time frame.
  • You get new sales and new customers.


  • We do the leg work for you! Why? Because we believe in what you have to offer and want to shout about it.
  • Tailored offers drive new customers and fill your spare capacity while delivering profitable revenue.
  • Increased customer flow gives more opportunity for your team to put their upselling skills to work, adding to your profit margin.
  • Did we mention there are no social media ad costs, as we pay for that?
  • As well as your advert, we build you a full sales page where you get to choose what pictures, texts, offers and contact links you want on your page. Plus once you start selling from My Local Offers, there are real life reviews to generate further custom and repeat business.
  • Together we build a sales page that’s perfect for you and can supply you with how many hits your page gets per month.
  • You’ll get coverage across all our platforms: My Local Offers directory, Instagram and Facebook, plus email marketing to any customers who sign up to My Local Offers.